I Am From Nowhere

Not here not there

Not any place in between

Ask my past and they deny me

Ask my peers and they deny me

And my future lies beyond a smokescreen

From L.A. to D.C.

Did a stint in Colorado Springs

I’m even a stranger here in KC

I am an immigrant in my own home

When I claim residence I am alone

For even my parents are far

From where they’ve grown

And now I’ve grown this way

No place for me to stay

I am a foreigner in every way

Not any place in between

Not here, not there

I am from nowhere.

By Will, age 17


The Eyes of Color 


There once was a girl with purple eyes.

All the kids crack, act, and smirk about it.

She became a legend,

but it was true

as the girl was just one of you.

Black, gray, blue and white,

she couldn’t find a purple eye in sight.

She tried contacts, masks and glasses,

but she still couldn’t stand it.

So she changed clothing, hair,

and even bleached her skin,

but she still could not fit in.

She heard people say

she’s beautiful,

but all she saw was ugly.

Skinny to the bone,

she battled abuse

and lost her parents.

One day her head

was hanging on a rope.

Her eyes just stared to say

why was I born this way?

By Zion 





Bullets can miss if you let them.

But if you get too excited while holding it up to your head,

Squeezing it tight,

Trying not to drop it in front of your friends,

You could accidentally pull it,

On your mom’s birthday,

She gets the call.

Laid out right in front of your best-friend, his girlfriend & your girlfriend.

I found out we were cousin’s just two months ahead,

At the family reunion,

& you’re already dead.

I used to lie with your jacket around me,

Or call your phone just to hear voicemail,

& one day I called

& it said this number has been


By MonCherie



I Am Needed

I am a sidewalk
I get walked on
Stomped on
Spit on
I stay beneath people's feet
Not knowing how it feels
Any other way
I am a side walk 
I know nothing else
But people's feet
Well, maybe bugs
And mud
And even blood
I am needed always
And used often   

By Veronika


From Despair to Glee 

Life is like a balloon

Rising and falling in the wind

The lower it goes

The worse it is

The lower it goes

The less things go right

The slipping sadness

Sets into one’s heart

As quick as a swallow flies to its meal

You and I, we both wonder

Why it is always “me”


One day

The wind picks up

That balloon of life

Goes with the wind

You want to dance

Fly like a bird

Sing your song

The feelings are positive

The balloon may change


Only you have the choice

For the balloon rising and falling

By Reagan 



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