I Am A Gun 


I am used for more bad than good
I can take life
Maybe not on purpose
I have killed the innocent
Left people hopeless and dying
I am a gun
I can be pointed and aimed
At someone who doesn't deserve it
Being a gun stinks
Because whenever I am used
Someone is hurt
Whether a child or an adult
Someone else pulled the trigger
It's still my fault

By MaRojanea 


I Am From 


I am from

a land of constant battles.

Where brothers and sisters shed blood

for what they believe is right.

No grey to wallow in,

only black and white.

There is only one way.

To serve others,

or to rule the world.

To embrace with love,

or to crush beneath my feet.

The battle wages on,

pounding in my head.

Fighting for what is right,

though there seems no end.

I am from a land

Where battle rages.

Where only I can stop the blood.

To choose black or white,

I must decide.

Will I choose the right way?

By Abigail, age 17


Sunrise to Sunset 


Over the mountain

Colors with many shades come

Finally breaching

They invade the sky

Rays of almost every color

Day is coming now

Empty skies are blue

Warm and intriguing are they

Soon they will be gone

The end is coming

The play of day is over

Nothing gold can stay

The sun slowly fades

The darkness grows all over

We are abandoned

By Drake


I Am From 


I am from the land of the free

Where the rich get rich and the poor get nowhere

I am from where the minorities don’t get noticed

And the majorities rule over us

I am from trying to make a change

Where we are going to stand

I am from a culture that works so hard for so little

Where we want to be heard

I am from an unfair land that won’t listen

To you if you don’t have your own brand

Where our rights aren’t really free


Democracy is what we claim to have

But nothing seems that way in sight.

By Claudia, age 17 




i am standing alone

defending myself

i am alone


i see no one

rumors spread like wildfire


no one believes me

defended friends when not here

did me no good

friends stolen

we do not speak anymore

only sharing disgusting glances

 By Allie