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I Am From 


I am from a culture whose flag colors

Are flowing with pride

From a country where no one is safe

From poverty

I am from a city where the drop-out

Rates are higher than the graduation rates

From a city where all the boys are fighting

Over a street number

Where the girls are fighting over the guys

Who cheated on them

I am from Kansas City where no one thinks we,

As a generation, are no good

I am from a family where my sisters taught me

how to stand up for what’s right

From a family that taught me never to give up

I am from a family where water

Is thicker than blood

A family where we fall apart because

Of fight after fight

I am from a line of strong-willed women who,

Despite all the statistics, will

Succeed in life

And defend my country

Pride and all.

By Joanna, age 17

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